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Series WC67Y Synchronous torque simple CNC bending…
Introduction:1.Standard two axis control(Y,X) 2.Mechanical torque synchronization 3.Domestic famous hydraulic intrgrated system 4.Schneider or Siemens low-voltage electrical 5.Inverter control motor operation 6.Imported seals 7.Ball screw back gauge operation control 8.Standard upper and lower molds(upper incl…

WC67K press brake hydraulic series
Introduction:Introduction: A, using homemade E20 CNC system, 240 * 180 large LCD display, Chinese menu-style interface. The procedure holds 100, 100 for each process step, a semi-automatic and manual features, resolution of up to 0.01, one-way or two-way positioning function, automatic concession, the system aut…

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