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WC67K electro-hydraulic servo Bending Machine
Published:2011-09-05 Views:4173
First, the whole structure: 
This machine rack from around wallboard, working platforms, tanks, composed of channel steel frame structure, has good strength and stiffness, the elimination of stress after welding parts, the use of hydraulic drive, work smooth and reliable. 
Second, hydraulic systems: 
This machine is a full-electro-hydraulic servo synchronization CNC bending machine, using the world's most advanced manufacturing companies in Germany BOSCH electro-hydraulic servo system, hydraulic power unit compact, easy installation, access and use of the oil is restricted to the number of joints the smallest degree of integrated hydraulic valve block, making reliability and safety can be guaranteed.

Third, mechanical systems: 
1, the use of electro-hydraulic machine synchronous control, synchronous high accuracy. At work, the ability to contain anti - partial reflected higher. 
2, adopted on Die deflection compensation agencies, folded plate precision can be improved. 
3, the machine after block material used ball screw, seamless transmission. 
4, synchronous control system: 
The use of electro-hydraulic servo controlled synchronous machine systems, synchronous high accuracy. On both sides of the machine with two grating feet (Y1 - Y2), the two ends of the slider were used to determine the exact distance and workstations, grating feet connect with workstations, such wallboard will not affect the work of deformation positioning slider accuracy. Location data back to the NC system, it can accentuate the servo valve control signal (S1-S2). 
5, the anti-machine contains partial capacity: 
This machine electro-hydraulic servo system is a built-in closed-loop control system, through its dynamic grating feet measured slider nuclear synchronization error by the NC system Servo Valve synchronization error correcting slider, slider in the Partial fully contained circumstances will always be able to maintain parallel with the table. 
6, machine tool accuracy: 
1, X-axis positioning accuracy of 0.1 mm, Y-axis positioning accuracy of 0.01 mm 
      2, X axis repeat positioning accuracy of 0.1 mm, Y-axis positioning accuracy of 0.01 mm repeat 
      3, Y-axis parallel accuracy of 0.02 mm 
7, advanced technologies and techniques: 
1, fuel tanks: 45 of quenched and tempered steel processing, fine boring hole, rolling, grinding Yan 
2, the piston rod Size: 45 of quenched and tempered steel with electroless nickel-phosphorus Cylindrical 
3, the fuel tank guided sets: A special wear-resistant alloy of zinc - 
8. CNC system:; 
       CNC machine tool control system triaxial (Y1, Y2, X,) 
1, Y1, Y2 - axis: the oil tanks were about his conditioning. 
2, X-axis: regulation and location after block material size. 
9. DA65W system profiles; 
1. DA65W computer Netherlands Delem company bought exclusive import Bending Machine CNC system can achieve instantaneous shutdown. 
2. DA65W NC system combines the latest development of computer technology, the first to use real-time embedded operating system Windows, bending machine to achieve electro-hydraulic servo control. Bending machine with the operating system core bundled applications, and ensure that in an instant shutdown frequent Switch circumstances, the system remains stable, reliable work. 
3. 10.4 in. TFT LCD display, two-dimensional graphics programming mode, built-in PLC function and appearance fashion, simple operation. 
4. CNC machine tools can work on time and the number of automatic Bending accumulated, thus saving the manual material time and improve work efficiency. 
5. Bending in a single step, users only need to have folded plate of the system of input parameters, the system can automatically calculate bending the necessary pressure, and give control. 
6. When users need to carry out a multi-step workpiece bending, bending only by the size of the required procedures input system, the system can be continuous bending their workpiece. 
7. CNC system can be machine tools, dies, workpiece dimensions to graphics by 1:1:1 ratio means freedom zoom, prepared by the system to simulate the bending process. Order to the workpiece throughout Bending the process of comprehensive Collision Detection and give suggested that eliminate waste. 
8. CNC system can store 50 Die graphics, in order to use different mold, not to change procedures so as to enhance work efficiency. 
9. CNC system can store 25 Bending procedures, and each program can be prepared a number of processes. Bending different when the workpiece, only transferred from the computer program has produced good, the computer can be on the implementation of procedures each process in action. 
10. NC system for the wrong procedure can be issued a warning suggested that the operators avoid the misoperation. 
11. CNC bending machine tool can speed time-pressure, stress-relief time, bending pressure, bending angle slider opening height parameters of automatic control. 
The main electrical components machine configuration: 
Electrical parts: DA65W CNC system: 
Servo drive system: Japan Yasukawa (YASKAWA) 
Grating feet: Germany HEIDENHAIN (HEIDENHAIN) 
Hydraulic System: Germany Bosch (BOSCH) 
The main low-voltage electrical components: Schneider
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