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WADF series of large electro-hydraulic synchronous(eight cylinders) CNC bending machine(1000-4000t)
Published:2012-09-20 Views:6061

1.The machine tool consists of two horizontal integral welding frames and intermediate two connecting beams.
2.The four cylinders are arranged on the wallboard,and rigid connected with block.
3.The workbench is composed of four -U adjustable wedge block,which connected with four wall boards.
4.The whole block,workbench and assembled frame consist of one load uniformly distributed,high-precision requirements of the four cylinder synchronous CNC bending machine.
5.The double linkage consists of two single machine tools and linkage block by CNC,which can be single or double operation.
6.The frame has the characteristic of good rigidity,high processing precision,good manufacturability,convenient installation and transportation.
7.Sliding block and workbench force is reasonable and uniform load.
8.Sliding block and oil cylinder connected rigidly,guaranteeing the block's synchronization accuracy in fast forward,work and return.
9.Due to the grating ruler feedback and synchronization valve control,the machine tool has strong anti-side load capabiliry.
10.Due to the adoption of CNC synchronous cards,it ensures double linkage synchronous precision by the grating ruler's synchronous feedback.

bending machine

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